The effort of RefComp is constantely addressed to the development of new products and to the wideness of already existing ranges, in order to offer the most advanced and ecologically safe technologies, the most complete range for nay kind of employment, the highest reliability.
RefComp products range includes, besides the complete range of screw compressors, reciprocating semi-hermetic, hermetic and open compressors, suitable to work in air-conditioning, industrial processes, in heat pump cycles and in the employments at avarageand low temperature.
RefComp can supply its customers with one of the widest compressor ranges available on the market.


Composed of 2,3,4 and 6 cylinders models the P series range s from 1 to 50 Hp (65...155 m^3/h at 50 Hz). The aim of designing a compressor particularly adapted for operation with non-chlorinated refrigerants (HFC) has required the adaption of special devices which are normally not present in the same cooling capacity range. As a result the P series stands outas an innovative product, characterised by high efficiency and high reliability. The possibility to customize the compressor with a considerable list of auxiliaries allows the operation in a wide range of applications.
Distinguishing for the adoption of suction and discharge reed type valves, the P series comes alonside the L series, giving the operators the opportunity to choose the most suitable compressor for each aplication.
This way RefComp has chosen once again to be on his customers'side.


The L series is composed of 9 models in semi-hermetic reciprocating version with capacities from 25 to 80 Hp (76:::240m^3/h at 50 Hz). The adoption of ring suction and discharge valves, together with particular technical solutions coming directly from industrial type compressors (replaceable cylinders sleeves, electric motor fixed with a key-and-screw device), distinguishes the L series in the landscape of small and medium size refrigerating compressors.
Moreover, the 6 and 8 cylinders models (L160, L180, L190, L210) are equipped with particular devices which reduce to a minimum the oil carryover in the refrigerating circuit: "Venturi" depressor system, crankshaft seal, chromium-plated piston rings.


The F series is composed of 4 models in semi-hermetic reciprocating version with capacities from 60 to 100 Hp (203...325 m^3/H at 50 Hz). Years of operation all over the world with a range of extremely severe applications, both in the industrial and marine fields, give reason to the continuous commercial success of the F series. A compressor which has its winning features in the industrial design (replaceable cylinder sleeves, electric motor fixed with a key-and-screw device, hydraulic capacity regulation) and in the extremely easy maintenance and service operations.


The OF series is composed of 4 models in reciprocating open version with displacements from 203 to 325 m^3/h. The compressors can be directly connected to an endothermic or electric motor by coupling. The direct origin from the semi-hermetic F series (replaceable cylinder sleeves, hydraulic capacity control, easy maintenance and service), justifies the widespread appreciation and the continuous success of this products in the most different industrial applications and, most of all, in the marine applications where more than elsewhere the reliability is a key characteristic.


The M series is composed of 3 models in semi-hermetic reciprocating version with displacements from 348 to 464 M^3/h. Designed with an industrial logic (replaceable cylinder sleeves, electric motor fixed with a key-and-screw device, hydraulic capacity regulation, motor protection filter net) the M series situates in the market of big size reciprocating compressors as ideal substitute to a fractionated compressor unit, achieving an extremely competitive relation between cost and cooling capacity. Besides, the use of particular technical solutions allows an elevate compression efficiency also in part load operation.



Composed of 10 screw compressors in semi-hermetic compact execution RefComp S series ranges from 150 to 482 m^3/h. The use of a directly flanged on high efficiency oil separator simplifies the installation of the compressor in machine, making it absolutely similar to that of a common semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor. The hydraulic slide valve capacity control system (3 steps, operation at 100-75-50-25%), allows particularly high compression efficiency also in part load operation. As an option, the compressors can be also delivered together with a continuous capacity control system (25...100%) which allows a continuous adaptation of the cooling capacity to the thermal load, with a consequential energy saving.


Including 10 screw compressors in semi-hermetic execution with external oil separator, the W series ranges from 30 to 90 Hp. Each compressor size (118, 150, 175, 205, 237 m^3/h @ 50 Hz) is available with two different intrinsic volumetric ratios (Vi) optimised either for low and medium/high evaporating temperature. The user has therefore the possibility of choosing the ideal compressor depending on the particular application. As a consequence, the maximum compression efficiency is always performed. The use of an external oil separator leads to the highest flexibility in the designing of racks with a number of compressors variable from 2 to 6 with one common oil separator (parallel compounding). Beside this, the oil cooling widens the application limits up to the hardest operating conditions. A complete series of accessories for the oil return line (between the oil separator and the compressor) is provided in the standard delivery. Furthermore, a complete range of oil separators and oil coolers is also available. The low vibrations level and the absence of discharge gas pulsation make the use of anti-vibrating dampers and flexible pipes not necessary. In addition, the extremely low noise level, concentrated in the medium-high frequency range, is very easy to insulate The W series compressors feature an oil–injected helical twin screw design; the male rotor is directly connected to the electrical motor (2 poles, 3000 rpm) and drives in turn the female rotor. The perfect rolling behaviour leads to an extremely smooth running. The innovative design of rotors profile (5 lobes male rotor, 6 flutes female), the high quality production standard and the use of superior quality mechanical components lead to high compression efficiency, high reliability and long operating life. The hydraulic slide valve capacity control leads to a high compression efficiency during part load operation. This makes the W series particularly suitable for applications where long periods of part load operation are required. The use of the subcooling economiser circuit (ECO) leads to a further increase in the cycle efficiency (COP).

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