Thermokey offers an industrial refrigeration unit cooler range with nominal capacities from 7 kW to 126 kW for different temperature ranges: +15°C to -35°C with the use of three different diameter fans (500, 560 e 630 mm) and modules having the same length and different fin spacings 4,5 – 7 – 11 mm. The units can work with ammonia , freon and glycol. Thermokey has designed a commecial unit cooler series using three different fan diameters (300, 350 e 450 mm) and the same module length with capacities from 1,3 kW to 13,9 kW with different fin spacings 4,5 – 7 – 10mm . The casing is in aluminium or stainless steel on request. different de defrosting systems are available. All the unit coolers for direct espansion are built with internally grooved tubes.




The range of brazed plate heat exchangers has capacities from 7,5 to 400 kW with the use of materials for temperatures from 160 to +200 °C and with 30 bars pressure. The brazed plate heat exchanger series has been developed for applications in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. Each single brazed plate heat exchanger undergoes a vacuum and pressure test for both circuits and is equipped with an innovative auto checking device called L/C system which avoids contaminations between different fluids. A broad possibility of connection combinations makes the Thermokey brazed plate heat exchanger a versatile product adaptable to the most diverse ergonomic needs.

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